RubberNet (Asia) Pte Ltd, incorporated in Singapore, is co-owned by a global Japanese trading conglomerate and a major Thai natural rubber processing and distribution company.

Our shareholders are:

• Itochu Corporation of Japan
• Southland Rubber Co., Ltd of Thailand

RubberNet is well-supported by a firm supply base comprising outputs from its shareholders, related companies and selected prime producers. Our shareholders command a combined production capacity of over 1 million metric tonnes per year and annual sales of about 800,000 metric tonnes natural rubber currently.

All 18 rubber and latex processing factories operated by our shareholders are ISO-9002 certified.

Endowed with an elite parentage, our mission is then to create values for the benefit of our customers, shareholders, employees and the business community:

• By being the most efficient and profitable natural rubber processor and distributor worthy of
  their patronage, and

• By using the most effective technologies in managing external and internal information and
  intelligence, and in capitalising on our resources and expertise.

Main business

RNA’s main function is to act as a distributor in the market. It means that we are the sales representative of our group factories - Thaitech Rubber Corporation Ltd and PT Aneka Bumi Pratama, our shareholders’ group Southland Rubber Co., Ltd, Southland Resources Co., Ltd and Southland Latex Co., Ltd, as well as a close partner – Sri Trang Agro-Industry Public Company Limited.

The ratio of total purchases from our group reaches to over 90%, which means we secure our cargoes from reliable suppliers. On the other hand, we sell these natural rubber to world top 10 major tire makers.

Another function is to act as a dealer/trader. We may hold own position balance based on our market view. Besides, we trade actively in the futures market - TOCOM and SGX, to create “Arbitrage Position” for maximizing our profit or to hedge our physical sales.

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